How might we turn the car into a platform?

Our culture is quickly evolving towards the convenience economy and unfortunately cars aren't really that convenient. Ford understands this and partnered with IDEO to design the future automobile for a rapidly changing mobility landscape. We began with hundreds of hours of one-on-one interviews and learned about the shifting role of the automobile in our lives.

From turning your car into a locker for amazon deliveries to mobility subscription services, we saw a number of patterns emerge around wanting more service and utility from the automobile. We translated those patterns into a suite of innovations which became the Ford Greenfield Labs.

Concept Headlines

Automobile Locker - Partnership with Amazon LED body panels - A platform for personalization.
Smart Glass - Intra-car communication. ROI - Promote products and services in high traffic areas Safety sensors - Visually communicate to pedestrians when they are being sensed and safe.

Test, test & test again.

There is no shortage of problems with cars today. From being expensive to inconvenient or uni-functional, we collected thousands of pain points over a 3 week research period and illustreated just about all of them. This greuling process of collecting, synthesizing, illustrating, testing, refining and cutting led do some very interesting insights. We looked for thematic overlap and tested for what resonated with people. What we discovered was while most manufacturers were focusing on the interior, the exterior was a greenfield of opportunity.

Design & Direction for Products & Experience