How might we simplify the process of starting a business?

Starting a business is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Each day billions of sellers across the world rely on cash to participate in the informal economy; but they are often missing out on more sales and the security that comes from being a cashless business.

To solve this problem, we started over and developed a new way to accept money. The all-in-one app eliminates the hardware required to accept a card payment while also including other digital peer to peer payment methods as well. Simply tap the card to the back of the phone or send a text and your transaction is complete. The app is a white label platform in pilot stage in 6 markets and will be launching by early 2020 with several major banks and FinTech companies.

Understanding the problem:
The Informal Economy

As a way to understand the unmet needs and pain points of sellers, we started by surveying 750 sellers and interviewing 30 that we felt had a unique point of view. While talking with them, we noticed a number of overlapping patterns emerging that helped us identify problems that were shared by the greatest number of people. From these problems, we generated hundreds of potential solutions and shared some of them back with consumers for feedback. We rigorously iterated and retested concepts with hundreds of customers to find what resonated the most with people. These surviving concepts became the foundation for what is the Visa merchant app. The following is a synopsis of both the problems that we discovered and the solutions that we built to help sellers make the most of their precious energy.

Design & Direction for Products & Experience